Congratulation Address - Rajakumar Deshpande

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J Minim Invasive Spine Surg Tech. 2021;6(1)
Publication date (electronic) : 2021 April 30
The President of MISSAB

It is with great pleasure that the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeons Association of Bharat (MISSAB) has selected "Journal of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Technique (JMISST)" as the official journal of MISSAB. This heralds a new era of friendship and scientific collaboration between MISSAB and Korean Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Society (KOMISS). My colleagues, office bearers and I congratulate this collaboration between these two scientific and niche organizations on this historic relationship.

MISSAB and KOMISS have evolved over the years into highly respected organizations in India and Korea respectively. In this era of exceptional information dissipation, it is important that experiences and scientific knowledge in minimally invasive spine from these two societies be shared and recorded for all spine surgeons throughout the world.

I hope that this unique collaboration brings the two societies closer in future meetings and discussions. Also, it could lead to better training for young spine surgeons in both countries. It gives an opportunity to understand distinct disease processes that are prevalent in different parts of India and Korea; hopefully finding solutions that are suitable and cost-effective. I would like to invite our Indian and Korean colleagues to initiate discussions to develop strategies that could mitigate pain and suffering from spinal disorders. This would result in furthering interaction on many spine disorders and among several departments between the two countries.

Rajakumar Deshpande, MCh

The President of MISSAB

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