Manuscript invitation for A special edition of JMISST
(celebrating 20 years of KOMISS)
Topic: Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery, A special edition of JMISST (celebrating 20 years of KOMISS)

Dear Colleagues:

We are very pleased to inform you that JMISST has an upcoming special issue focusing on “Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery and Technique” celebrating 20 years of KOMISS

The KOMISS ( has been founded as the first divisional society of the Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Society in 2002. So, in 2022, it will be 20 years since the start. The Journal of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Technique (JMISST,, which is the official journal of KOMISS since 2016. It is co-official journal of MISSAB (The biggest MISS society in India), Since 2020

This special issue will share the experiences of world-leading minimal invasive spine surgeons through original research articles, formal systematic literature reviews, technique videos, and case presentations. It is hoped that this special issue will not only help to summarize the recent technical advancement of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery but also highlight remaining challenges in search of solutions.

The leading editors for this issue include Jin Sung KIM (Korea), Arvind Kulkarni (India), Richard Fessler (USA), and Akira Dezawa (Japan). Il Choi (Korea), Koichi Sairyo (Japan), Choll W. Kim (USA), Sang H. Lee (USA), Umesh Srikantha (India), Amit Jhala (India), Vit Kotheeranurak (Thailand) will play major roles as guest editors. Also, Sang Ha Shin (Korea), Ajay Krishnan (India), Kutub Akbary (India), Stephan Ryu (USA), Facundo Van Isseldyk (Argentina), Kuo-Tai Chen (Taiwan), Meng-Huang Wu (Taiwan), Vincent Hagel (Germany), Javier Quillo-Olvera (Mexico), and Akaworn Mahatthanatrakul (Thailand) will be the Executive Editors.

The editorial team members for this special issue are comprised of expert, world-leading minimal invasive spine surgeons and researchers, who will help to ensure that articles published in this special issue will provide balanced views and evidence-based knowledge to our readers.

The target date for publication of the “A special edition of JMISST” is in April 2022.

-Original research, systematic review, and meta-analysis. Potential topics include (but not limited to):

  • The recent technical advancement of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery
  • Meta-analysis or Narrative review
    • Endoscopic Spine Surgery
    • Lumbar Fusion
    • Robot Spine Surgery
  • The History of KOMISS and Global Impact on MISS in the world
  • The History of MISSAB in India
  • Papers with complications related
    • Examples
      • Thirty-Day Readmission Risk Factors Following full-endoscopic transforaminal lumbar procedures for *** Patients in the ** Hospital
      • Thirty-Day Readmission Risk Factors Following biportal endoscopic procedures for *** Patients in the ** Hospital
  • Other scientific papers

The Best Paper Award will be presented on May 2022

Submission Deadline November. 2021
Publication Date April. 2022
(Celebration in the 20th official annual meeting in KOMISS 2022)
Submission website

Articles are published upon acceptance, regardless of the publication date of the special issue. We look forward to receiving high-quality, original work that will advance our knowledge on Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery, provide valuable insights for our readers, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. We want to thank you in advance for helping us to make this upcoming issue a success.

Best Regards,

Jong Tae Kim
Editor-In-Chief of Journal of Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery and Technique (JMISST)
The Catholic Univ. of Korea, Korea

Lead Guest Editors of A special edition of JMISST (celebrating 20 years of KOMISS)
The Catholic Univ. of Korea, Korea

Lead Guest Editors

Jin Sung KIM
(The Catholic Univ. of Korea, Korea)
Arvind Kulkani
(Breach Candy Hospital Trust Hospital, India)
Richard Fessler
(Rush Univ. Medical Center, USA)
Akira Dezawa
(Director of DPC Center, Japan)

Guest Editors

Il Choi
(Hallym Univ., Korea)
Koichi Sairyo
(The Univ. of Tokushima, Japan)
Choll W. Kim
(Excel Spine Center, San Diego, USA)
Sang H. Lee
(Johns Hopkins Medicine, USA)
Umesh Srikantha
(Aster CMI Hospital, India)
Amit Jhala
(Chirayu Hospital Ahmedabad, India)
Vit Kotheeranurak
(Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital, Thailand)

Executive Editors

Sang Ha Shin
(Wooridul Hospital, Korea)
Ajay Krishnan
(Stavya Spine Hospital & Research Institute, India)
Kutub Akbary
(Max superspeciality hospital, India)
Stephan Ryu
(Palo Alto Medical Foundation, USA)
Facundo Van Isseldyk
(Grupo Gamma: Red Integrada de Salud, Argentina)
Kuo-Tai Chen
(Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan)
Meng-Huang Wu
(Taipei Medical Univ., Taiwan)
Vincent Hagel
(Spine Center Asklepios Hospital, Germany)
Javier Quillo-Olvera
(The Brain and Spine Care Center Queretaro, Mexico)
Akaworn Mahatthanatrakul
(Naresuan Univ. Hospital, Thailand)

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Department of Neurosurgery, The Catholic Univ. of Korea,
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