JMISST Special Issue
Sub-title: Complications in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

The aging of human lifespan has resulted in a rapid increase in spinal diseases, and minimally invasive spine surgery has become an essential treatment to solve this problem. However, even in minimally invasive spine surgery, various complications and problems can occur, and they should be effectively addressed.

In this JMISSWT special issue, we will discuss the complications in minimally invasive spine surgery, and through this, we will prepare a basis for a safer minimally invasive approach.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Infection related to the minimally invasive spine surgery.
  • Neurologic damage related to the minimally invasive spine surgery.
  • Surgery related difficulties of minimally invasive spine surgery

The authors must include the following surgical procedure in their illustration.

No. Title Division Description
1 Abstract Manuscript
2 Introduction Manuscript
3 Indication Manuscript
4 Surgical procedures Patient Position and Skin Marking Illustration
Anesthesia and Skin Incision
Preoperative Procedures: Discography et al.
Insertion of Endoscope
Surgical Procedure
Final Checking Point
5 Result Clinical Result Manuscript
6 Discussion Journal Review Manuscript
Technical Point
7 Conclusion Point of Surgical Technique Manuscript

Submission Deadline 30, Apr, 2023
Publication Date Jul, 2023

Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.

Special Edition Lead Editor

Arvind Kulkarni
(Bombay Hospital, India)
Jeong Yoon Park
(Yonsei University, Korea)

Special Edition Editorial team

Neel Anand
(Cedars Sinai Medical Center, USA)
Roger Hartl
(Weill-Cornell Medical College, USA)
Amit Jhala
(HCG hospital, India)

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